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Schoolgirl Fassad and Claus reading "Go, Dog, Go"
I wanna play the Tazmily Trail
I wonder if Porky-senpai noticed me today
Baconnaise is what Porky is calling his semen now
She spells out "I wuv Porky" in spaghetti
Or better yet, with dismembered body parts
What if they had a Tazmily pageant?
Earthbound AU where everything is the same except Jeff and Tony speak with cockney accents
Hinawa brings the Commander his lunch in a cute little lunchbox, and the Pigmasks are all, "... do we laugh?"
There are only two seasons in Winters. "Cold As A Stepmother's Kiss" and "That One Day When It Warms Up To 40F"
Paula's face always scared me
Why are all these animal shows hosted by British people?
Porky rates his pooping experiences
He writes long, detailed journal entries about them. He has an entire blog dedicated to poop stories
If there’s anything Porky Minch is sure to have at all times, it’s a bitch on his lap and a damn fine suit.

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Galena: I told her she can't judge since she likes Jeff Andonuts, who is a pee-pee pissypants
Ladybolet: And you like Porky Minch who is... Porky Minch
Galena: Lmao that says it all right there
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Onedear put an image of the Masked Man reading “Go, Dog, Go” into my head and now I can’t stop laughing
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Y’all wanna know about where babies come from, do you? *pulls out a banjo*
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I’ll forever be pissed at big-breasted squirrels
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Why doesn't Jesus just fight this dude? I mean I know he's a bee but he's still Jesus
Lardna is kawaii
I bet Lardna is into extreme couponing
For the longest time I thought that dog was wearing glasses
If you played this game while on drugs I'm sure nothing would change
Calling from the Twoson hood
Porky is humping doors in Onett
Ness stop taking Tracy's dildos wtf is wrong with you
Earthbound generates its own creepypasta
Laughing because I just imagined Porky being so big you can’t see the toilet underneath him
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Galena: You cannot out-gross someone who would willingly sleep with Porky
Onedear: If either of us meet someone who would bang Fassad, that'd be something
Galena: Okay yeah that'd gross me out. I stand corrected
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