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Stop looking at your misfortunes as inconveniences, and start accepting them as opportunities for ultimate growth. Once you master the ability to achieve this, your world will start changing right before your eyes.
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I saw a link for free ebooks and decided to look up some informational resources on psychic phenomenon. Using “psychic” as a keyword, the results I got varied from how-to books on developing my psychic abilities, to books on PTSD and how to work with traumatized children. Is this the Mother 3 library?

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LadyBolet: Porky had bad OCs when he was 14.
GalenaLarkin: He and Ness made up characters that they played as, and Porky was always making up new powers for his to be 'better' than Ness's character. [It was] Porky's very first Gary Stu.
Onedear: Yes.
GalenaLarkin: Claus became his next Gary Stu, but it didn't go as planned.
LadyBolet: "I'll give him two different colored eyes and superpowers..."
Onedear: AND WINGS!
LadyBolet: Claus is a sparkledog OC and we need to just accept this.