All Men Must Die
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LadyBolet: Porky had bad OCs when he was 14.
GalenaLarkin: He and Ness made up characters that they played as, and Porky was always making up new powers for his to be 'better' than Ness's character. [It was] Porky's very first Gary Stu.
Onedear: Yes.
GalenaLarkin: Claus became his next Gary Stu, but it didn't go as planned.
LadyBolet: "I'll give him two different colored eyes and superpowers..."
Onedear: AND WINGS!
LadyBolet: Claus is a sparkledog OC and we need to just accept this.
Jaime Lannister pickup line

"Are you sure we’re not related?"

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Galena: A Chuck E. Cheese style restaurant in New Pork.
LadyBolet: Pork E. Minch.
Onedear: Where a brat can be a brat.
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Galena: Happy New Year!
Heather: It's still 11pm here. What's the future like?
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something is significantly wrong with a creature that sacrifices its children’s lives to settle its differences

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Guy Trying To Flirt With Me Online: Wish I was with you.
Me: Man I don't blame you. There's nothing more fun than some fat chick sitting at her computer writing violent guy-on-guy porn.
Guy Trying To Flirt With Me Online: You have big tits and that's great.
Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer care.
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Why not just bathe in chocolate syrup? I would. I want a chocolate syrup hot tub.
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That’s one thing that bothers me about Mother 3 fans. They don’t get that the way people live in Tazmily is hard as fuck and not exactly a fairy tale.

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No. There’s too much hard work involved and I am devoted to being an artist and a person who reads books for the rest of my life - however long I have.
—Maurice Sendak - On Having Children

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