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はじめてセット全国図鑑版→ ポカブ / チャオブー / エンブオー

Illus. 長澤真

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Hell yeah Charizard!

I’m glad Pikachu finally came out

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This is my Bisharp Klaus and he’s an evil motherfucker. His favorite place to be pet is on top of his head RIGHT NEXT TO THE GODDAMN BLADE. 

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I decided to do this, though I know it’s late. But I’m doing it my own way. I’m not drawing anything ‘cause like hell if I got time for that. And I’m not posting one thing each day. I’ve always found that stupid. I’m posting it all right here, right now. ‘cause that’s how Miss G rolls.

Feel free to reblog with your own answers or send them to me if you want. I’d love to hear what yours are :)

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I felt this needed to be shared

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So I named my main characters Porky and Ness in PMD: Gates to Infinity because I made the mistake of not taking it seriously, and then I was stuck with those names through this sobfest of a story. It definitely made for some funny moments, though… wtf is up with that Quagsire

Who the hell needs a bike I have a Charizard. Just let Professor Oak tell me I can’t ride him in the mall. Bitch I’ll do what I want.
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This right here is an excellent game, and if you talk shit about it, I will fuck your shit up.

I recently completed the story for this game and can I just say I was not expecting it to be so deep and thought-provoking. I might be feeling biased, because it brings up the ideas of trust issues and betrayal among friends and I’ve had to deal with a lot of that lately, but there’s much more going on here. I mean if you like Pokemon, you should play this. Mystery Dungeon games are notoriously difficult, but it’s so worth it. The characters, the story, even the music (wonderful soundtrack!) is worth it.

For those of you that know it, Mother 3 is infamous for having a heartbreaking plot. Well this game does, too, although not in the same way. But trust me when I say: this game will make you cry. Seriously, I was near the end of the story, people were waiting on me IRL to go and get Taco Bell, and I’m just sitting there weeping over this game.

If it means anything to any of you, I am a writer and I can vouch that the writing here is pretty great. The dialogue’s not bad, either. Safe for general audiences, but not too hokey. I will NOT be giving any spoilers as I’m very much against that, but here’s the low-down for the pros and cons of this game…

Pros - Amazing story and plot-twists, good character development, improved mechanics and features (if you’ve played the other games in this line), nice soundtrack, really cool and powerful automatic recruits for your team!

Cons - Some of dialogue drones on at times, all attacks in general seem to have much lower accuracy than in normal Pokemon games (but then again that might just be my shitty luck)

Some of the features are much easier than in previous installments (ie. evolution), and it also brings back familiar items and other things that will make it nice for people who have played Mystery Dungeon before. If you haven’t played a Mystery Dungeon game, don’t worry: helpful hints pop up all the time in the game and the features are explained thoroughly. You’ll always know what to do.

So if you’re thinking of getting this game, you love Pokemon and you love a good story, I say do it!!

Want to talk about this game or have questions? My ask box is always open! <3