All Men Must Die
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Giygas really was an almighty idiot if he thought Porky wasn’t gonna screw him over at some point.

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Game of Thrones style house sigils for the Mother 3 characters. Thanks to everyone who helped with the words. Click each picture for more details. And enjoy the Purple Wedding! It’s better than the red one, I promise.

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Claus silhouette for some cover art I’m working on. 

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My holiday gift tags for this year. Might do more if I get time. Please note that these look huge on screen but should print to a normal size (just under 4 inches wide). 

I’m not so sure about the last one. It might come out dark. If this is so, I’ll try and fix it later. These are free for personal, non-monetary use! Please visit the source link and check out my DA gallery for more Earthbound holiday gift tags.

Click here for a printable version.



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Cedar Point (2013);  Sandusky, Ohio

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I was bored so i picked up some pastels

More like you printed out one of my best friend’s pictures, traced over it, then picked up some pastels, art thief.

THIS ARTWORK IS STOLEN!! Or at the very least was copied from mine without any contact or credit  :\  Look I don’t mind if you enjoyed my art and wanted to use it as a reference, even if you wanted to trace and alter my work, which you clearly did. But you never contacted me and asked permission. You never posted a link to the original. As an artist, who is lucky to even get 10 “likes” here on Tumblr, I would have appreciated the support. But I guess, just as there is no honor among thieves, there’s no honor among artists either. That makes me sad.

Here is a link to my work on Deviantart, which was made 2 years ago.

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I hope ya’ll are gonna read what I’m writing when I’m done writing it

'cause I'm about ready to pull my fucking hair out  :'D

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A preview of an upcoming written work. May it fill your heart with wonder and joy