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Anonymous says: 4. your nswf submit qualifications. Have a wonderful day, and thank you for making such a funny blog -me

Hello! I realize this is the tail end of your string of questions, but I read them all. NSFW stuff is definitely allowed! I usually just tag it or put it under a cut, but I’m A-Okay with it, for sure. If you want to submit something to my blogs, go ahead. Thanks for asking.

Was a little confused about one of your other comments, so please message me again or look me up on Skype and we can talk privately there, if you prefer. But hopefully I was able to answer your question. I’ll try to be more specific in the future. If I remember lol.

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Anonymous says: Galena, you're so awesome. I really admire you and agree with all your posts about social issues. You're a real star in this society and people should strive to be as pleasant as you.

Wow, I wish I knew who you were so I could thank you personally! That’s one of the nicest things I’ve heard in forever. I’m not sure people should strive to be like me  XD but they should strive to be pleasant and respectful for sure. The world could definitely use more of that. Thank you so much for taking the time to spread some love and kindness!

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Yes, Claus, your dream has come true. Now even undead, soulless, robo-gingers can have robotic limbs that feel.

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