All Men Must Die
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I saw a link for free ebooks and decided to look up some informational resources on psychic phenomenon. Using “psychic” as a keyword, the results I got varied from how-to books on developing my psychic abilities, to books on PTSD and how to work with traumatized children. Is this the Mother 3 library?

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The Ness/Lucas pairing has finally been realized. Mother fans rejoice.


you forgot to ask if iā€™m a liar

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A toast to the late (but never great) Joffrey Baratheon.
Where’s your crown, King Nothing?

Hi Everyone, Looking for Earthbound RP

Hi I could really use some Earthbound RP. I’m willing to discuss any situation. I am very okay with OCs as long as they aren’t ridiculous/overpowered, but I like there to be canon characters also. I play canon.

Just be literate and open-minded. If you’re interested, PM me. I will keep all responses private.

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What if Jeff piloted TuTiTu instead of the Sky Runner?


LadyBolet: Porky had bad OCs when he was 14.
GalenaLarkin: He and Ness made up characters that they played as, and Porky was always making up new powers for his to be 'better' than Ness's character. [It was] Porky's very first Gary Stu.
Onedear: Yes.
GalenaLarkin: Claus became his next Gary Stu, but it didn't go as planned.
LadyBolet: "I'll give him two different colored eyes and superpowers..."
Onedear: AND WINGS!
LadyBolet: Claus is a sparkledog OC and we need to just accept this.